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When Dale Gehring first opened Dale’s in downtown Kelowna in the late 1980s, he had a vision – to provide fashion forward men with high quality European styled clothing and
accessories. Over the years, Dale’s expanded it product lines and quickly established a reputation for its unique European styles and high quality brands.

After a brief hiatus from the retail fashion world, Dale Gehring re-ignited his original vision and in 2002 opened a new men’s clothing store Landmark Clothiers. Situated in the business community of the Landmark Centre, Landmark Clothiers initially sold business suits and sportswear to fashion conscious executives. Like its predecessor Dale’s, Landmark Clothiers soon gained a reputation for high quality tailored men’s clothing with unique European styling. Responding to demand, a second store was opened in 2005 in the lobby of the Delta Grand Hotel.

Today, Landmark Clothiers carries the newest in men’s fashion in business suits, sportswear, outerwear, casual wear, shoes and accessories. Collections for each season offer the latest trends arrive which Dale personally selects during his buying trips to Las Vegas, New York and Toronto.

Top notch service, extremely knowledgeable staff, and made to measure clothing are the trademarks of the Landmark Clothiers stores. Visit one today and experience how Landmark Clothiers can outfit any man to look and feel his best.

daleDale Gehring

Dale’s penchant for providing fashion forward men with high quality European style clothing and accessories, is what makes Landmark Clothiers different. With his own sense of style, Dale has a knack for knowing what latest trends his customers want to wear and to buy. Combine this with his entrepreneurial savviness and you have the right mix for high end men’s clothing that exudes style from head to toe.


Fashion and passion are the words that best describe Constanze and her approach to her work. Always impeccably dressed, she understands how important the quality, style and fit of the clothes affect how their customers feel. It’s all about making their customers look great and feel great too – a trademark of the business that Constanze knows will never go out of style.


Top notch customer service is the key to any business and one of the foundation stones of the Landmark Clothiers stores. Sheila strives to provide every existing and prospective customer with exactly that experience. It’s the wow-factor that customers really enjoy – custom fit customer service – and the perfect complement to Landmark’s brands of custom fit clothes.

Suits and Formal Wear

Look like a million,
it’s easy at Landmark Clothiers

Open your closet, if you don’t see a suit that you could pull out and look like a million right now, consider making the investment. A good suit is comfortable and properly cared for, will last for years.

Tips for a proper fitting:

  • The suit jacket should have a little bit of room in between it and your stomach, but not enough room to hide a spare lunch. If the buttons on the jacket look like they’re about to pop off, then it’s too small.
  • The pants should fit comfortably. Pay attention to how they fit on your waist and in the thighs. If they are too tight or too loose, you need to look at a different suit entirely.
  • A suit jacket’s shoulder pads shouldn’t be larger than your own shoulders. If the suit’s jacket fits properly, you should be able to curl your fingers under the side of the jacket when your arms are outstretched at your side. If the shoulders of the suit jacket do not fit, then it simply is not the right size for you and no amount of tailoring is going to make it work.
  • When you try on suits, wear a dress shirt and dress shoes in order to get the best impression of how it will look when you wear it.

Casual Wear

Casual Wear
Feel comfortable and look great

With a few essential pieces of clothing, you can be ready to dress casually for any type of occasion – casual Fridays, a date, a night out with the family, and even a backyard wedding. What you need to remember first and foremost is that quality speaks volumes, especially when it comes to your clothes.

Tips for casual wear:

  • If it means business casual, then you better plan on a button shirt with long sleeves and a nice pair of dress slacks with shoes to match. It’s probably best to wear a tie, but you can pick out something with a bit of fun to it and avoid the sophisticated look for today.
  • If the dress code for Fridays is regular casual, then you can get away with a nice pair of casual slacks – maybe khakis, Dockers, corduroy slacks or chinos.
  • If the weather is warm, you can get away with wearing short sleeves, maybe a polo shirt or a button shirt. A sports coat over a nice pair of jeans could also be a great pairing.
  • Snug is good, baggy is out. Pressed is fine, wrinkled is headed for the laundry. If it hangs below the waist, tuck it in if at all possible (button shirts and polos).

Outer Wear

Looking great
Outdoor fashion

Whether it’s a full-length overcoat or a knee-length topcoat, there’s been a re-emergence of the outerwear in men’s fashion, making them more common not just in formal wear but suitable for a casual, comfortable look.

Topcoats aren’t just for fitting over suits anymore. Pair them with a crisp t-shirt, distressed jeans and classic sneakers. It’s the perfect piece for dressing up your casual wear.

Overcoats can be single or double-breasted and generally crafted from a heavy fabric like wool. The single-breasted overcoat can be worn without a scarf, or with one just under the lapels, to display your shirt and tie. Double-breasted overcoats are designed with or without a belt and available in classic colours of black, charcoal and navy.


Make a statement
with your footwear

The world of men’s fashion offers a fantastic array of great styles, hot colors, and new trends. Depending on the type of job that you have, the footwear that you choose can range from dress shoes to sneakers to boots.

What are some of the new choices in shoes that are available for men to spice up their outfits while keeping functionality in mind?

Wintery or wet weather styles typically include some type of boot. Contrary to popular belief, a dress boot is not an oxymoron.  In fall — and yes, even winter — a dress boot can be a great complement to your favourite casual or business suit. They can also be dressed down with dark denim for an upgraded casual look.

For drier days, you can still wear any pair of dress or casual shoe.   Go for diversification and play with colour and style.


Extra style
with many options

Accessories are a great way to change and complement the look of any outfit.  Most timeless men’s accessories serve a purpose – pay attention to performance first.  If you have to pay a little extra for style, weigh your options and then take the plunge.  You want something that not only works, but looks great too.

Next time you’re shopping, go beyond what you just need and see what accessories you can add to create your signature look.

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STORE HOURS – Both stores are open for business!!

Monday – Friday  10:00 am – 5:00 pm
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We  respect that each customer’s level of safety varies so we have implemented some additional measures for your comfort:

  • private consultations by appointment only with safe distance practices
  • FaceTime consultations
  • Shipping and delivery of your purchases

We appreciate the support of our customers and look forward to seeing you in our stores again.

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Tel: 250-448-8470

Monday-Friday   10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday    10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday – Closed

We  respect that each customer’s level of safety varies so we have implemented some additional measures for your comfort:

  • private consultations by appointment only with safe distance practices
  • FaceTime consultations
  • Shipping and delivery of your purchases

We appreciate the support of our customers and look forward to seeing you in our stores again!


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